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Jennifer Shore, Founder and Director of Critter Tales Inc.

Critter Tales Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit outreach organization based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that has as its mission to promote awareness of wildlife and natural conservation through exciting educational programs for all ages.

Kids get to meet Sweetie the sugar glider.

In a time that is more and more removed from nature we have to make an extra effort to ensure our children's connection to the natural world. Making these connections at an early age helps develop a life long passion for all life on earth.

We bring our programs to you! 

Live animals, artifacts, books, posters, puppets, songs, crafts and more all provide highly effective hands-on learning.

We Come Recommended

"If you are looking for a program for all ages that effectively portrays Oklahoma's wildlife, . . . I strongly recommend Critter Tales.  This presentation will be a significant asset to any environmentally oriented seminar, demonstration, or party."

- Ron Justice, Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife

"Critter Tales provides a rare opportunity to touch animals . . . in a supervised, friendly, and informative setting.  The Critter Tales venue was one of the most popular ones at September Fest. . . .  I recommend Critter Tales without reservation for someone who is planning a family friendly event."

- Walter Eskridge, The Oklahoma Museum of History

"Jennifer instructed a class for the Mini College program here at the university. . . .  The class provided live animals with instruction about the animals, their habitats, their life cycle and conservation as well as much, much more. . . .  I would highly recommend Critter Tales.  Critter Tales provided a wonderful professional program and they were very good with the children."

- Amy Logan, The University of Oklahoma

Critter Tales Inc.       phone:  (405) 491-0978       mailto:critterlady5@gmail.com