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About Us
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Shea the Red-Tailed Boa shows students at Capps her 8 foot long body!

About the Director

Jennifer Shore has always had a passion for wildlife.  As a teen, Jennifer volunteered at the Oklahoma City Zoo as a Junior Curator.  After high school, she married, spent time raising a family and meanwhile remained deeply committed to exploring, understanding, and educating those close to her about the natural world and its inhabitants. 

Later, in 2001, Jennifer returned to the Oklahoma City Zoo to work as an adult volunteer.  She was then hired as staff in the Zoo's Education Department where she remained until 2005.  Critter Tales was conceived shortly thereafter and has ever since been Bringing the Wild to Life throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Jennifer is a member of Oklahoma Master Naturalists, and has also completed Project Learning Tree educator training through Oklahoma Forestry Services.

Jennifer is the mother of 4 boys and enjoys camping, hiking, bon fires, church activities, and being with her family.

A youngster gets up close with Blue, the Australian blue-tongued skink.

What We Do 

Critter Tales aims to bring programs to youth and adults that teach a broad range of concepts about wildlife and natural conservation in a fun and interesting way.  We all share the planet Earth.  Everything is connected.  It is our hope to especially make children realize that they are an important piece in a very fragile puzzle.  Every child can be a part of the solution to our shared dilemma. 

We have traveled extensively throughout the state of Oklahoma, and we believe that the Critter Tales method of Bringing the Wild to Life is helping to create a brighter, more stable future for all of us.  All who experience Critter Tales have the opportunity to witness firsthand our connection to and responsibility for each other and our planet.

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Critter Tales at Forestry & Wildlife Camp in Beaver's Bend State Park.

Licenses & Permits 

Critter Tales Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
We are licensed by the USDA, FWS, and ODWC.
Where required, all animals have been approved
by a Veterinarian for public use.
Critter Tales Inc. holds all permits for possession of animal artifacts
from the State of Oklahoma and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Charlie the Skunk poses with Critter Tales Director Jennifer in 2010.

Critter Tales Inc.       phone:  (405) 491-0978       mailto:critterlady5@gmail.com